Debut is an independent literary prize established in 2000 by Andrei Skoch’s Humanitarian Fund called ‘Generation’. It is awarded annually to young authors who are 35 or younger and submissions have to be in the Russian language. It is open to all, irrespective of their country of residence.

Books for the contests can be submitted either as a published work or as a manuscript. Nominees are publishers, mass media, professional organizations, and individual authors. Four prize categories make up the core of the contest each year; these are novel, short stories, poetry and plays. The various other categories, which change from year to year, are introduced depending upon the genre of the works nominated.

Laureates are announced in November or December.



  1. Svetlana Savina, Fiddle and be a Little Nervous [Playwrite]
  2. Denis Osokin, Angels and Revolution [Short stories]
  3. Sergey Shargunov, A Kid’s Punishment [Novel]


  1. Vasily Sigarev, Clay [Playwrite]
  2. Catherine Boyarskikh, Echos of Women [Poetry]
  3. Danila Davydov, Experiments in Callousness [Short stories]
  4. Anton Jankowski, Australian Connected [Novel]