The NOS annual literature prize was founded in 2009 by the Mikhail Prokhorov Charitable Foundation to locate and support new trends in contemporary Russian fiction. The prize is being incorporated in the major Foundation’s educational programme; this is called the ‘World of Books’.

The programme includes the organisation and support of the annual Krasnoyarsk Book and Culture Fair (KRYAKK) and a library grant competition. Also featured are stocking libraries with high quality literature and the international Transcript programme, the latter of which supports the translation of Russian literature in the humanities and fiction.

The shortlist for the prize is announced at the annual Krasnoyarsk Book and Culture Fair. In January the finalists are selected during open debates. Readers are given the opportunity of choosing the best book from the long list of books posted on the prize’s website.



  1. Constantine Charuhin, Schezher, New Cultural Space (2013)
  2. Margaret Hamlin, The Investigator, Astrel (2012)
  3. Vladimir Martynov, The Book of Books. Art-transit, Classics-XXI (2013)
  4. Eduard Kochergin, The Notes of a Stage Rat , Vita Nova (2013)
  5. Andrei Ivanov, Harbin Moths, Tallin: Avenarius (2013)
  6. Mikhail Elizarov, We went out to have smoke. It lasted 17 years, Astrel (2012)
  7. Alexander Grigorenko, Ilget. Three names of Fate, ArsisBooks (2013)
  8. Evgenii Vodolazkin, Laurus. A non-historical novel, Astrel (2012)
  9. Sergey Belyakov, Gumilev, Gumilev’s Son, AST, Astrel (2013)


  1. Lev Rubinstein, Attention Symbols, Corpus (2012)
  2. Oleg Rashidov, Skolkovo. Forcing The Miracle, Mann, Ivanov and Ferber (2012)
  3. Alexey Motorov, Nurse Parovozov's Tender Years, Corpus (2012)
  4. Nikolay V Kononov, God Without a Car. 20 Mad Men That Made Business In Russia From Scratch, United Press (2011)
  5. Georgy Davydov, Ratсatcher, Literary journal “Znamya” (2012)
  6. Mikhail Gigolashvili, Occupy Moscovia, Eksmo (2012)
  7. Sergey Gandlevsky, Thoughtless Past, Corpus (2012)
  8. Lora Beloivan, Carbide And Ambrosia, «CheBuk» (2012)
  9. Elizaveta Aleksandrova-Zorina, Little Man, Aletheia (2012)


  1. Andrei Astvatsaturov, Skunk camera [Readers’ choice]
  2. Victor Pelevin, Pineapple Water for a Fair Lady, Eksmo (2010)
  3. Nikolay Baitov, Think before you Speak
  4. Nikolai Kononov, Flaneur
  5. Mikhail Shishkin, Letter-Book , Astrel (2010)
  6. Maria Rybakova, Gnedich
  7. Irina Yasina, Case Report
  8. Igor Vishnevetskii, Leningrad [Winner]
  9. Dmitrii Danilov, Horizontal Position
  10. Alexander Markin, Diary 2006-2011


  1. Sofia Vishnevskaya, Antré. The History of One Collectio [Readers’ choice]
  2. Vsevolod Bennigsen, Rayad
  3. Vladimir Sorokin, The Blizzard [Winner]
  4. Paul Pepperstein, Spring (Collection of short stories)
  5. Victor Pelevin, 't'
  6. Maxim Osipov, The Sin of Complaints
  7. Paul Nerler, Nicholas Pobo, DmitryZubarev, Words and the Case of Ossip Mandelstam (Interrogation and Indictment Documents)
  8. Lydia Golovkova, Sukhanov Prison (Documentary)
  9. Bassili Avchenko, Right Wheel
  10. Alexey Ivanov, The Ridge of Russia (Illustrated album)


  1. Vladimir Sorokin, Sugar Kremlin [Readers’ choice]
  2. Lena Eltang, Stone Maples [Winner]
  3. Andrei Stepanov, Fairy Tales are not about People
  4. Sergei Nosov, The Secret Life of the St. Petersburg’s Monuments
  5. Leo Gursky, Roman Arbitman
  6. Tatyana Bocharova, Novocherkassk: Bloody Afternoon
  7. Andrei Astvatsaturov, People in Nude