Gumilev, Gumilev’s Son

Gumilev, Gumilev’s Son
Sergey Belyakov
Gumilev, Gumilev’s Son
AST, Astrel (2013)
ISBN 978-5-17-077567-5
816 pages

Lev Gumilev was a historian with an exceptional life story. His private life was full of intrigue. Son of Anna Akhmatova and Nikolay Gumilev, he was imprisoned in Norilsk and Kamyshlag, survived four arrests and two labor camp sentences, fought in World War II and took part in the Battle of Berlin.

Gumilev wrote mainly about antiquity and the Middle Ages but it is his historical theory that, better than any other, explains the present day and allows one to forecast the future of Russia and Europe, China and the Muslim world. Lev Gumilev used to say, “What I did was only to discover that people were different and I wanted to show why there have always been and always will be blood feuds between nations.” His ideas are indispensable today, in an era of new immigration, at a time that multiculturalism and tolerance have declined.

This book is the most complete biography of the Russian historian, based on a vast collection of documents and other sources, including material that has never been published before.

The book contains illustrated inserts.


December 28, 2013

Lev Gumilev is certainly a person who deserves an extensive biography. He was the son of famous Russian poets and had a long and extraordinary life. He left a remarkable scientific legacy, the meaning of which remains unappreciated. His theories did not conform to the status quo, being well ahead of their time.